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Six Tips to Lower Your Heating Bill this Winter

Each winter, heating bills take a big bite out of the household budget. Now’s the time to start planning to keep this winter’s heating costs at bay. Here are some tips:

Turn down the thermostat. Program your thermostat or manually turn it down several degrees during the day when everyone is at work and school. This will bring down your heating bill significantly.

Use curtains. Leave the curtains open on any south-facing windows during the day to allow solar heat to warm your room. Then, close those curtains at night to slow the escape of that heat.

Turn down the water heater. Bringing the temperature of the water heater down to 155 to 120 degrees will reduce power and likely water users won’t notice any difference.

Put plastic on the windows to avoid drafts. A relatively easy way to do this is by purchasing a window insulator kit. Check out the 3M Window Insulator Kit with a $2 rebate.

Bundle up. Be sure to wear socks and layers (shirt with a sweatshirt) around the house during the cold months. This will keep you warmer without the need for a higher thermostat.

Prepay. Do you use heating oil to heat your home? The Trees Full of Money personal finance blog provides an insightful analysis on prepaying for home heating oil to save money.

Looking for further ways to save on heating your home? The U.S. Department of Energy site is a good resource for information on tax credits, grants, rebates, energy-efficient mortgages and financing, as well as assistance for low-income families.