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Home Trends for 2013

If you find yourself coveting the latest home design trends, yet struggling with how to actually start (and afford) a home makeover, then you aren't alone! But the reality is you don't need to invest heaping amounts of time and money to achieve magazine cover results. Incorporate just a few of these hot trends for 2013 to get a home sweet home makeover.

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  1. Brass fixtures: Forget silver, this year it's all about the warm tones of brass. The best part? No handymen required to switch out your bathroom or kitchen sink fixtures. All it takes is a few turns of a screw driver to get out with the old, and in with the new. You can also add brass touches throughout your home with candlesticks, drawer pulls, and decorative bowls.
  2. Graphic wallpaper: Bring a little drama to your room with a bold wallpaper pattern. You can opt for baroque-inspired patterns, or colorful shapes. Cut costs and labor by doing just one wall. This will provide a fun focal point without being too overwhelming or drastic.
  3. Homemade decor: DIY (do it yourself) is all about clever results on a dime, so it's no surprise this trend is going strong in 2013. Check out Pinterest for an entire category devoted to DIY ideas. It's free to join, and you'll find everything from endless uses for mason jars and old pictures frames, to no-sew curtains and stylish storage ideas.
  4. Natural elements: Bring the outside in with nature-inspired home accessories. This can be as simple as collecting some branches and displaying them in a vase, or purchasing some pictures frames or candle holders made from real bark. In our increasingly eco-friendly world, this is one design that will never go out of style. Feathers are another huge trend in 2013, so get creative and have some fun with your décor.
  5. Statement lighting: Whether you go with a new lampshade, overhead fixture, or table lamp, this is a great way to add some fresh ambiance to any room. Ceramic-based lamps in particular are a huge trend right now, in both solids and patterns. Think of lamps as the “jewelry” of your room, like how a bold necklace can add interest to a pair of jeans and white t-shirt.
  6. Emerald accents: Every season there is a new must-have color, and right now it's all about emerald green. Add this jewel-tone to your living space with throw pillows or blankets, or even comb flea markets for inexpensive pieces of furniture and give them a coat of this enviable shade.