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Fine Dining for Over 50% Off

Most people love dining out—but in these tough times, it’s often the first thing to go. Still, if you have a special occasion to celebrate, or a few extra bucks, gift certificates from really help make restaurant dining affordable again! In fact, some of the best coupons on CoolSavings are from (Just click that link and select from the drop-down Merchant menu.)

Here’s how it works. Once you click through from CoolSavings to, simply enter your zip code. You can then sort the results by cuisine type, atmosphere, distance from your home, and more. Click to buy and print your voucher.

In most cases, you can get a $25 gift certificate to a great restaurant in your area for only $10. Great! What’s even better, if you check the Coupon Codes section on first, you can get even bigger dining discounts! When is having a sale, and you get the coupon code from CoolSavings, you can get these certificates for only 1 or 2 dollars! That’s right, $25 worth of food for only $1!

So you could get a $50 dinner for about $10! Different restaurants have different restrictions, such as a minimum purchase of $25 or $35, or not letting you use the certificate on a Saturday night—and while some let you include alcohol, others don’t—so check the details, and enjoy.