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Donate your Clothes for a Cause

So hopefully you have purged your closet for the New Year, but what to do with all the clothing that didn’t make the cut? If it’s something that is still wearable, think twice before tossing it. There are plenty of places eager to collect those clothes that weren’t the right size anymore or you simply stopped wearing. Read on to see which organizations are waiting with open arms, and how your donations can change lives. Just pick your cause!

Clothing Donation
  • Goodwill: Since 1902, Goodwill has been helping people find employment—largely by selling donated goods and household items. This makes donating to Goodwill a twofold reward, with your donated clothing getting new life at an affordable price, and the proceeds going toward the Goodwill mission. You can opt to drop off your clothes at a Goodwill location, where you can opt to get a receipt for tax deduction purposes. Or, make a quick stop to one of its many conveniently located drop off boxes located all over most towns. Go to the Web site to find one near you, and take a moment to calculate the impact of your donation on the donation calculator.
  • Salvation Army: By donating to the Salvation Army, you are supporting its mission to assist the homeless, abused, and disadvantaged. Like Goodwill, your gently used items are sold throughout its Family Thrift stores around the country, with proceeds helping to fund the adult rehabilitation centers. While you can opt to drop off in-store or at one of its 2,300 drop off locations, the Salvation Army also offers a free pick up. Just call 1-800-728-7825 to discuss setting up a date and time, or visit the donation page.
  • Dress for Success: If you have business suits or business appropriate clothing you no longer need, then Dress for Success has a home for it. This nonprofit was created specifically to help disadvantaged women find employment, in part by providing them with professional attire. Every client receives one suit for the interview, as well as a week’s worth of clothing upon employment. You can also donate shoes, scarves, and anything else that might help build the perfect outfit—and the necessary amount of confidence—to land a job. Go to their Web page to find a donation affiliate near you.